Kacie Walters

Author, Consultant, Speaker


Become a Star Middle Manager!
Do you find it challenging to give feedback and guide others in their careers?
Do you find there is never enough time to focus on what matters to you?
Does the stress of being pulled apart by your team and boss cause you great stress?
In this practical and story-filled book, Kacie Walters provides actionable tips to balance the Middle Manager.


The Corporate Safari blog provides you guidance to navigate all things in the wild workplace. This weekly blog offers tips, stories, “ah-has” and other nuggets written by me, Kacie Walters, a 20+ year human resource professional who has lived it and taught others how to be prepared. Get weekly tips sent right to your inbox!


If you struggle with high turn-over, a lack of productivity, burn-out, or unclear roles and responsibilities, we can help you with your specific business needs. We help organizations in 4 ways:
1. Create an intentional culture
2. Drive engagement across your workforce
3. Lead teams through major change
4. Equip your people managers

About me

Kacie Walters has more than 20 years of experience working with organizations from start-ups to mid-size to large, global organizations in the Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Real Estate industries.

Through my work in Change Management and Manager Enablement, I focus on practical processes and solutions to further business strategy supported by clear change and communication plans that cut through the crowded sea of priorities and messaging. I am passionate about ensuring people have the skills, tools, and desired culture they need to work effectively and collaboratively and stay engaged.

I have recently released my first book, Succeed from the Middle, available on Amazon, which provides practical tips and stories for those who want to become a rock star middle manager.

I write a weekly blog on Substack called, Corporate Safari, which focuses on self-management and people management topics. I have also published many articles in notable human resource publications and speak about professional development at multiple conferences yearly. I never shy away from a podcast interview on management or development.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and a master’s degree in communication from the University of Illinois. I am a certified PROSCI Change Management Practitioner and an Organizational Development Consultant (ODCP).