Simple KM Strategy

I have been around the Learning and Knowledge Management space for almost 15 years, and I have enjoyed all of the colorful and complicated strategy diagrams I have seen. However, they are hard to package and sell to a transactional leadership group or one with less tolerance for fancy graphs who want more results.

In today’s environment, support functions like training, communication and knowledge management are under fire. Proving value takes a little more than putting up a fancy framework on a PowerPoint slide. I have found that pitching 3 goals with 5 supporting tactics for each resulting in one measurable result works to capture hearts and minds. It’s simple, it’s tangible and it can easily be shared up and down the chain.

Here is an example of a not so fancy scope of work. The bottom represents goals, the arrows represent the KM pillars, and if you read my last post, these pillars can be a multitude of different functions depending on your organization’s needs, tactics appear next to the pillars and the top boxes represent end results.


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