Succeed from the Middle

Become a Rock Star Middle Manager!

Do you find it challenging to give feedback and guide others in their careers?

Do you find there is never enough time to focus on what matters to you?

Does the stress of being pulled apart by your team and boss cause you great stress?

In this practical and story-filled book, Kacie Walters provides actionable tips to balance the Middle Manager Tug of War—you, your team, and your boss across four challenging areas:  Feedback, Career, Time, and Stress and Pressure.

Succeed from the Middle addresses those highly frustrating situations you experience as a middle manager and builds your confidence to manage them seamlessly.

After reading Succeed from the Middle, you will know how to:

  • Give and receive feedback in a helpful and non-threatening way
  • Focus on your career and guide others in theirs
  • Maximize time to focus on what matters to you and to protect your team’s time
  • Handle stress and pressure from all sides of middle manager situations
  • Meet the needs of your team and boss while prioritizing yourself in the middle

Succeed from the Middle turns unsure middle managers into confident go-to experts.

What’s Stopping You? Don’t wait.

Read this book to ignite your spark to become a rock star!