Change Management and Communication Planning

Change Management and Communications Planning

Is it time to plan, manage, and support a major change in your organization?

Are you re-organizing, rolling out a new system, implementing new processes, or going through a merger or acquisition? You need to plan and manage this change so there are no surprises and resistance can be noted and overcome.

Our services include conducting change readiness assessments and stakeholder analyses, building change management plans, training plans, communication plans, and managing implementation plans. As part of the process, we consider and analyze performance and rewards implications along with organizational design and role changes as part of any major change.

Major changes supported include:

  • Technology Implementation
  • Re-organization / Down-sizing
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Culture Change

Technology packages primarily focused on HR Technology, such as ATS, LMS, HRIS, TM platforms, and Portals/Intranets/Collaboration software, i.e., Teams, Slack, and WorkVivo.

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