Learning and Engagement Strategy

Learning and Engagement Strategy

Is it time to enable your employees to be productive, align them to priorities, and invest in their growth and development?

You might be struggling to engage your workforce or career development is one of the lowest-rated items on your engagement survey. We’ll go on a listening tour to uncover your workforce’s real needs and desires that will not only engage your teams but ensure they are aligned with organizational priorities and developing in mutually beneficial directions. 

Our services include assessing needs, building proposals, roadmaps, and staffing plans, and leading program creation, execution, and knowledge transfer.

Some of the solutions can include any or all the following programs and processes:

  • New Hire Onboarding Programs and Process Design
  • Performance Management Process and Communications
  • Skills Frameworks and Alignment
  • Learning and Development Strategy and Programs
  • Mentoring Programs

Internal Communications Planning and Employee Portal Design

How You Engage With Us?

Email us at kacie@kaciewalters.com with your business need or problem and how to reach you. We will get in touch within two business days to have a complimentary discovery call.