Manager Effectiveness and Development

Manager Effectiveness and Development

 Is it time to shore up your middle managers?

Are your managers struggling to engage their teams? Do you have several new managers that have not managed people before? Are people feeling disconnected and unsure of their roles? You may need to focus more attention on your middle managers and equip them to lead and support their teams.

Our services are holistic; you can choose all or some of the following solutions based on your needs.

Expectations and Profiles

Choose from standard performance expectations, role expectations and success profiles or customize them to align to your values and culture. Our Success Profiles include skills, knowledge, attitude, experiences needed to be a star manager.

Skills Development and Communications

Engage your managers in a cohort experience of the Succeed from the Middle Training Program, which focuses on 5 Key Manager Skills:

  1. Facilitate Feedback
  2. Promote Career Development
  3. Manage Time and Work
  4. Lead through Change
  5. Handle Stress

These programs can be delivered virtually or in-person in 90-minute or half-day, interactive formats with customized, business-specific situations to inspire on-the-job application and action learning.

Communications and Nudges

These smaller efforts support behavior change and include writing manager communications and snippets for an intranet or employee portal, developing manager guides to support the skills training, and creating dedicated manager pages/sites on an intranet or employee portal.

Group or 1:1 Manager Coaching

For those managers you want to invest more in, we provide 1:1 or group coaching calls focused on their situations and provide feedback and guidance on how to improve or handle certain situations.

Rewards and Recognition

To achieve desired behavior change, recognizing and rewarding star managers is a critical part. These solutions can include everything from custom awards, success stories on your employee portal, badges, and even suggested bonus structures for star managers.

How You Engage With Us?

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