Making Progress? If Not, Be Worried About Your Employees

I am always behind in my reading. I try to stay up but then I fall back. I was reading a short article in Harvard Business Review’s Reinvent January/February issuetoday and I was so struck by one “breakthrough idea” I read that literally a light bulb appeared above my head. What really motivates workers….recognition? Try …

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Flexing Your Style

In a knowledge management role, it is important to understand a company’s culture, technology infrastructure and processes. But, everything starts with people. How a culture influences people management styles is critical if you are trying to change behavior, increase adoption new things and inspire collaboration. A person’s management style is unique to them. I have …

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Real Change?

Every month, I enjoy reading “The Future of the Future” column in KM World. In April’s article, Art Murray wrote part one of a two-part piece on Real Change and how companies should be transforming their way of doing business. I loved all of his ideas: move from hierarchies to networks, eliminate silos, make learning …

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